A Red For All Occasions


This Seed nail varnish is one of my favourite nail colours at the moment! I’m always quite boring when it comes to my nails, as I tend to find a colour and stick to it. So, at the moment this is my go to colour, which I love as it’s such a classic red. I’m going away over the bank holiday weekend, so have painted my fingers and toes in the same colour as I think it’ll look great on the beach!


I’ve also used Sally Hansen Hard As Nails for both my base coat and then as a top coat, just to give my nails some extra strength. It also gives a great shine!

This varnish is from my trip to Australia earlier this year (surprise surprise), so I’ll be sad when it runs out!I found it in a clothing store called Seed which was AMAZING and reminded me of somewhere like Whistles. I remember there being other colours to choose from, so I’m kicking myself for not stocking up! I don’t think the store ship out to the UK, although if anyone knows differently please let me know!!

Until then, I will be on a hunt for a similar colour in the UK!

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