My Sun Cream Saviour – sk:n Repair & Protect


As a teenager riddled with spots and extremely oily skin, I dreaded summer holidays where I would have to slather sun cream on my face. Any product that I used seemed to sit on top of my skin and clog it up even more. Being extremely self-conscious I used to wear make up in the day on holiday, as I felt like all anyone could concentrate on were my spots. This combined with sun cream did me no favours whatsoever, and actually, made my skin a whole lot worse! I would have so much rather burnt to a crisp than add to the oiliness of my skin!

With age came the confidence to relieve my skin of make up during the day, and the realisation that covering up with sun cream is far more important!! I still however struggled to find a product that agreed with my skin until I went to a sk:n dermatologist for specialist treatment called Isolaz.

As part of the treatment I was instructed to use the products they have developed, which are fantastic for spot prone skin! The face sun cream included in the pack is the best I have used to date! It’s nourishing, moisturising and most importantly is super light and doesn’t give me spots!! It’s 100% mineral, that is chemical free, paraben free and water resistant, which is perfect for days by the pool, or on the beach. When I apply this I rarely also use moisturiser, as it’s fantastic alone. As well as this the smell is divine. I really can’t sing its praises enough!!

I use factor 50, as it’s so important to protect your skin from harsh UV rays as well as burning. Plus, I would rather have paler skin now than wrinkly skin when I’m older! As it’s dermatologically tested this product is suitable for any skin type so I would recommend to anyone looking to invest in a reliable skin care brand. sk:n products used to be stocked in Boots, but I believe they’re now only available in sk:n stores and online. It really is a great product to add to your summer beauty list, so go go go!

I was in Dubai over the bank holiday weekend in 40-degree heat, and have come away burn free thanks to this sun cream! I’ve included a few of my holiday snaps for you to take a peak at…






I would love to hear if anyone else is using this product, and their thoughts on it!

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