Midnight Robbery


I’ve been at my boyfriend’s this weekend, and have discovered some great products in his bathroom cupboard. Who knows where they came from, and I’d really rather not know!

One of them was this Blue Herbal Gel Cleanser face wash by Kiehls. It’s designed specifically for acne-prone skin and acts to clean pores by removing the impurities which cause acne.

It feels like a runny gel when you apply it, so I wasn’t convinced at first of how well it would cleanse my face. But, I was pleasantly surprised. It foams really nicely, and my face felt literally squeaky-clean. It also effectively removed all of my make up. My only issue with using this long-term, would be that I could see it would really dry my skin out as the next morning certain areas of my skin felt very dry. This was on areas that I had spots however, so I guess it really targeted those areas that needed help by drying them out.

I’d love to hear if anyone else has tried this product, and their experience with it? I’m tempted to steal this one and use it full time, but am worried how my skin will react! Maybe it’s a useful product to have on backup to help tackle breakouts. If I do use this, I’ll let you know how my skin takes to it!

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