Red Lip Look

I love a red lip, and have rediscovered this great colour I picked up in Space NK a few months ago. The brand is called Lipstick Queen and the colour is Deep Red Sinner. It’s a gorgeous deep red, and is really moisturising!

To begin with, make sure you have moisturised your lips otherwise the lipstick will not take well! If my lips are particularly dry and flaking, I take an old toothbrush and gently buff away the dry skin. Works a wonder!!

First, I line my lips completely with a red lip liner. I use the one above by N07 Lips Precision Pencil in a shade called Red (see picture above). I start by drawing around the outline, and then fill them in. This not only holds the colour for much longer, but also prevents it from running.

After this, I apply the lipstick all over my lips….

I then kiss my lips on a piece of tissue to remove any excess colour.

Finally, I apply a product such as Vaseline or Pawpaw to give added moisture and extra shine. This also holds the colour for a lot longer!

If any colour does run, I either take a baby wipe or wet cotton bud to gently remove. Then, I apply a small bit of concealer to even out my skin tone again!

Hope you’ve found this useful! I’ve tried to show the difference between each stage in my pictures. However this was quite difficult, as all stages look very similar!
P.s. Please excuse the bags under my eyes – I’d had a long day and just taken my eye make up off!

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