Neutral Nails


I was having a sort through my nail varnishes this weekend, and found a few older colours I haven’t worn for sometime. As I said in a recent post, once I’ve found a colour I like, I tend to stick to it and forget about the others. So, I’ve decided to show those feeling neglected a little love!

The colour I went with has gone slightly gloopy (as it hasn’t seen the light of day for a while), so it was a bit of a challenge painting my nails smoothly. But, by mixing it with a little bit of nail varnish remover, I managed to achieve a somewhat smooth finish!


I’ve chosen this neutral tone called Elegant, as I can’t have anything too bold with work, but actually it’s a great colour as it goes with everything!  I love Revlon nail varnishes too, as they’re long lasting, good quality, have a great range of colours and are a purse friendly price at around £6 (I bought mine a while ago, so can’t remember exactly!)

I think I’ll be taking a trip to Boots again soon to replenish my stock!


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