The One Product You Need For Your Nails – Sally Hansen Advanced Hard As Nails


If you regularly follow my posts, I’m sure you will recognise this product. I haven’t actually posted specifically about how great this strengthening nail varnish is so I thought I would!

I can’t remember the first time I used this product, which is a testament to how much I love it, as it’s been a staple item in my beauty cupboard for years and years. I always use this as a base coat under colour, and generally use it as a top coat to give my nails extra strength. As a treatment, it’s also fantastic and has really helped to strengthen my weak, splitting nails. I apply one coat every other day for around a week, and then remove and repeat. I definitely don’t do this as much as I should, but even every so often makes a huge difference in the condition of my nails, and the appearance of my hands!

Now for the technical ‘stuff’…

The nylon formula fortifies nails and helps prevent chipping, splitting and peeling; as well as the retinol and copper peptide formula which helps to hydrate parched nails. The omega 3 and soy formula also helps diminish the look of ridges!

At £4.75 a bottle you really can’t go wrong with this strengthening nail varnish!! There is a clear and natural colour available in this particular varnish. I use the natural shade, as I find it adds a pretty glaze to my nails when I’m not wearing anything else! Would love to hear of any other treatments you’ve tried.


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