My Autumn/Winter Winner 

I’ve had a fairly busy few weeks at work to say the least, so I decided to treat myself to this gorgeous nail varnish from Jessica! I’ve had this in the past, and have sworn by it, but due to funds/not being able to find it, I stopped using it for a while. Right now I can’t remember why….

This is my absolute favourite go to autumn/winter colour as the deep colour is so flattering, and really does look good with anything! The colour is called Cherrywood, which I’d say is a deep maroon/berry sort of colour. When the light catches it a really lovely warm colour shines through, which I absolutely love!

This brand of nail varnish is without doubt one of my favourites as not only does it last long, but the quality is so good that it makes your hands feel like they’ve been to a salon!

If you’re looking for a colour to invest in for this winter, then I can’t recommend this more!

Would love to hear if you use Jessica products too?!


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