Laura Mercier Product Wars: Non vs. Oil-Free Tinted Moisturiser

Very annoyingly I picked up the wrong tinted moisturiser recently. In a panic as the sales assistant cornered me to ask what product I was looking for, I agreed to the oil free version of the tinted moisturiser, when actually I had no idea whether I used it or not.

Of course when I got home I realised I’d picked up the wrong thing; however, with my oily/combination skin type I thought this could be a blessing in disguise. My skin has been particularly oily/blemishy recently which is probably due to work stresses, as well as eating lots of chocolate to make myself feel better. So, I thought this actually could work really well for me!

Tinted Moisturiser (Oil-Free)

The Pros:

Obviously as it says on the tin, this product is designed specifically for oily skin, so aims to reduce the skin’s natural oiliness. My skin reacts so easily to new products, so I was terrified when I first used this. I have to say, after using for over a week my skin’s appearance does seem less oily, and the small hormonal blemishes I often get are better contained.

The Cons:

Compared to the non oil-free product this does feel a lot heavier on my skin. I stopped using foundation because I hated the feel of product sitting on my skin, which is what I feel I have with this. Being a tinted moisturiser, obviously it is not as heavy as normal foundation coverage, however I have definitely got used to the lightweight feel of the non oil-free product. Because of this though I’m really careful to only use a tiny amount as I still love a natural looking effect. Get those freckles out!

Tinted Moisturiser 


The Pros: 

Compared to the oil-free product, it is so lightweight. It does feel just like a moisturiser when I apply, with a really great smell. Because of this I feel like my skin has really improved (as it’s not being clogged up by too much product).

The Cons: 

By the afternoon my face has a definite glow (or increased oiliness). It’s definitely not enough to make me worry, or even bring powder to cover up. If it’s particularly noticeable I would simply take a tissue and blot my forehead.

What is interesting to bear in mind is that I now live in London. Sweaty tubes and the long walk to work definitely don’t help, when compared with working at home, arriving in an air conditioned car meant my skin was sweat-free…

Also, as I said before I am a little more stressed at work, so I think that is definitely a factor in my skin’s unsettled nature at the moment (I think I need another holiday!).
I haven’t noticed a massive difference between the two products, so I think it really is down to personal preference!

Right now I think I prefer the normal tinted moisturiser as I’ve been using it for longer; however, I definitely think having the two products will be useful for when my skin decides to play up! I can completely see the oil-free being a great winter product for when I want a little more coverage, and my skin hasn’t had much exposure to the sun to help clear any unwanted spots!

Would love to hear if you guys have either product.


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