A Weekend In Paris

If you’ve taken a look at my Instagram recently (the link is on the side of my page), you’ll have seen that I spent a few days strolling the beautifully sunny streets of Paris.
We stayed for two nights, and had the majority of three full days which was the perfect amount! I went with my boyfriend, and we’ve both been already, so we didn’t do lots of major tourist attractions, but still had an amazing time exploring where we hadn’t been before.

Rather than ramble on and on about how amazing the food was (which it was), I’ve decided to show you some of my favourite pictures of food of course, as well as a few other bits of our trip day by day!

Day 1:


Coat: Zara

Shirt: French Connection

Leggings: Warehouse

Boots: Marks & Spencer

Bag: Mulberry

Musee D’Orsay

Exploring the backstreets

We were on route to finding our next destination, and happened to wonder into a great area with cute cafes, and amazing shops full of intricate, fun items. Here are a couple of photos…



Top: Mango

Skirt: Zara

Shoes: Zara

Bag (just seen): Whistles

The most delicious mille feiule EVER!

Day 2:
Climbing the Arc De Triumph

Stripes in Paris – would have been rude not to!


Top: Zara

Skirt: Zara

Bag: Whistles

This was so amazing as not only did you see the amazing panoramic views of Paris, but we also had the perfect view of the Eiffel Tower. I’ve climbed the Eiffel Tower before which is an experience; yet the opportunity to see it amongst the beautiful backdrop of the untouched Parisian architecture was simply stunning.


I have recently become unhealthily obsessed with macaroons, so when I saw the Laudrée shop on the Champs Élysées I had to go in. Sweet fumes filled the air as a beautifully manicured shop assistant delicately arranged and wrapped my macaroons in a beautiful box. I wish I could say the eating process mirrored the calming atmosphere of the shop… They were demolished with 10 minutes of getting back to the hotel room.


Not your typical French cuisine, but this sushi was absolutely delicious! We noticed there were an increasing amount of sushi restaurants in Paris, so, as sushi lovers ourselves, we thought it rude not to try one out!

Day 3:


We only had a short amount of time to explore here as we caught the afternoon train, however this was such an interesting place to explore. The Pompidou is an arts and cultural centre, and houses a library, art gallery and a centre for music and acoustic research, as well as some very tempting shops and gorgeous rooftop restaurant! First of all it’s HUGE, so you can keep yourself entertained for hours. We made our way up to the top of the building, which offered stunning views of Paris, and then worked our way down through the art galleries. What I loved was the uniqueness of the exhibitions (see the photos above), with some interactive and others purely visual. It’s definitely a great place to go even if you wouldn’t consider yourself an art lover!


This steak and chips definitely didn’t disappoint as my final meal!

Hope you have enjoyed my little taste of Paris (literally!)

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