Product Review: Bioré Charcoal Pore Strips


I was wondering aimlessly around my local Boots on Saturday as I had some time to kill and came across these Bioré charcoal pore strips. I’ve become slightly obsessed with trying to give my skin a really deep clean, so as soon as I saw this I felt instantly drawn to it. Also I’d never heard of this brand before, or seen it in Boots, so I was really interested to give it a go. The majority of the other products from the brand were focused on clearing pores, so I had a feeling they would be good!


For £8.99 there’s six strips, and it recommends not to use more than every 3 days; I personally won’t be using that regularly, probably once a week, so I’d say it’s pretty good value for money! The strips are different to anything else I’ve tried as they have a material-like texture to them, with slips already cut to allow you to easily mould to the strip of your face. I actually really liked this texture as I felt I could easily lift and apply the strip as opposed to those slippery ones that seem to always slide off your nose! The pack actually says to remove when it hardens to give a papier-maché  feel, so hopefully that gives you an idea of it! 
The charcoal which has renowned properties for during out impurities, acts like a magnet by instantly locking onto dirt and oil that’s nestling deep down and draws it out. 

I cleansed my face thoroughly and then applied the strip to my nose, making sure that my nose was still wet. I then waited 15 minutes before gently peeling off. There was some black residue left on my nose, but it was so easy to wash off – as easy as washing off face wash! The skin around my nose felt so soft and really tight afterwards. Although it was red straight after that had completely reduced within half an hour. I was surprised (and shocked) to see how much dirt had come off of the strip (maybe I’m not cleaning my skin as well as I think….), but it was so satisfying to see it come away!


  The pores around the area definitely look diminished, and the skin is still so soft! I’m really interested to see how the area looks after continued use. Even only after the one use I would definitely recommend this product for all skin types, as whilst it’s obviously working really hard to help clear the area, it’s still very gentle. Also if you’re looking to have a mini at-home pamper, this is the perfect product as it’s quick and easy to use with virtually no mess!



Would love to hear of any other similar products you like to use!


Thanks for reading J

8 thoughts on “Product Review: Bioré Charcoal Pore Strips

  1. prettyhonestbeautyblog says:

    I use these and agree they are good. Charcoal is really big at the moment in skincare.
    Have you tried the GlamGlow treatment mask? You mention you are on a skin clearing mission and this is my absolute all time favourite! I have done a review on my blog if you are interested – you can see the impurities in my nose being vacuumed away!! x

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