Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser Review

So I may be a little late to the party in using this product, but after testing for a month I wanted to share my findings with you! The reason I haven’t used this before is because I am so terrified of trying something new on my skin for it to then react and greet me with some new blemish-type friends.

However, if you follow my blog regularly you’ll have seen that I went to the Glamour Beauty Festival, and this product was one of those in the free goody bag! So, I thought I may as well give a try and if I didn’t like it… Well it was free!



This is so different to how I expected it would be! First of all, the consistency is that of light cream. I expected it would be a gel type wash, but in fact it’s more Philadelphia cheese-like (in the least weirdest way possible). You basically pump out a couple of squirts of the product and then apply all over dry skin like a face mask. You then take the muslin cloth and wet with warm water and then gently rub off the product in circular motions. I then like to take the cloth and run under even hotter water and hold over my skin to really open up my pores. I use both morning and night to really help clean my skin!

It does say you can take your make up off with this, but I use a separate cleanser beforehand firstly because I don’t want to dirty my muslin cloth really quickly, and I like the radiant effect that comes with cleansing my skin twice!

After the first couple of weeks using this, I have to say I wasn’t impressed because my skin decided to break out in spots in places I don’t usually suffer like my forehead. I however decided to persist based on various friends recommendations and I’m so glad I did! My skin has now settled down and feels super squeaky clean after using this. It’s also so gentle which I absolutely love and manages to rid my skin of any gathered dirt. I do still continue to remove my make up with a separate cleanser first but I have no doubt that it would be just as good at doing that!


Price – At £14 I think this is good value for money compared with other products out there. Whilst it’s not cheap, I find it gives my skin a similar feeling effect after using more high end products.

Ingredients – It’s made from lovely, natural ‘stuff’ including rosemary, chamomile, cocoa butter and eucalyptus essential oil meaning it not only acts to soothe leaving you with smoother, clearer skin but it suits all skin types!

It cleanses and gently exfoliates in one – The cleanser evidently acts to really clean and brighten your skin, whilst the gently buffing using the muslin cloth means you are giving your skin a deep exfoliation. The two combined everyday can only lead to better, more radiant skin!


Muslin cloths – One of my only negative points (and I’m trying hard to find any) is associated with the cleaning of the cleansing cloths. This is me being super lazy, but compared to just using my hands with other cleansers there is slightly more maintenance associated with keeping the cloths clean. You can definitely get away with using for more than one day if you make sure to thoroughly rinse after use, however to make sure your skin is getting the good clean it really needs it probably is best to use a cloth per day!

Initial effects – As I said before, I did come out in spots after using for a short time. It was only for a week or so, and it was obviously just my skin adjusting to the changes, but if you’re not willing to persist through then I wouldn’t recommend this.

Rating: 4/5

After some perseverance I have fallen in love with this product and it has crept into my daily cleansing routine, however the reason I haven’t marked it a 5 is that I still hold another cleanser in extremely high prestige (watch this space for a review)!

I am looking to try the skin tonic from this range so would love to hear your thoughts if you’ve used this!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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