Hot vs. Strip Wax

If you’ve ever experienced a bad wax that left you watery eyed and with a slight limp in your walk, like me, you’ll understand the importance of firstly finding a good salon and secondly knowing what wax suits your skin and hair needs best. I have extremely sensitive skin when it comes to waxing, which I am always reminded about when having a wax… although surely everyone goes a little pink, especially uh, em down there. I also have a pretty high pain threshold as discovered when getting a bad Brazilian where the therapist actually took a layer of my skin off. So I’d like to think I know a little about a good and bad wax. Probably the most important factor is finding a good therapist as although it will still smart a little, they should be able to quickly and efficiently remove all hairs covered in one little tug without causing too much pain.
What I have come to fall in love with in my quest to find the perfect wax is hot wax. Using a wooden stick the wax is applied to the area and then left to dry until it has hardened and is slightly tacky; then, this will be stripped off and voila you’re left hair free! This may sound more painful that wax strips but it is really so much less so! Because the wax is left to cool down, it means it has more time to properly attach to all of the hairs in the specific areas so the therapist doesn’t need to repeat over the same area, which is good news all round for your skin. Because the hairs come out so cleanly, it means that you experience less ingrown hairs which is a bonus!

As well as this, the closeness of the wax to your skin means that your skin doesn’t experience as much of a ‘tug’ which not only makes for an all round more pleasant experience, but also means that your skin maintains its elasticity. Hot wax is much better for sensitive skin (because it’s more hydrating) and thus particularly sensitive areas such as your underarms and bikini area. Hot wax is only a few more pounds than strip and I really do think it is the way forward! If you are a wax virgin and are considering waxing I would 100% recommend you try hot wax first.

A few other top tips to make sure your wax is as pleasurable as can be…

  • Don’t go when you’re on or due on your period if you have a low pain threshold. If you’re feeling sensitive already, having someone attacking you down there won’t be nice!
  • If you’re worried about how much it’ll hurt, take a paracetamol beforehand – it works wonders!
  • Make sure to exfoliate the area in between waxes to ensure normal hair growth (by preventing ingrown hairs)
  • If it can be helped, try to plan your wax around the weather. Going on a cooler day is so much better than a hot day. Wax can react when applied to hot skin as it doesn’t take as well (as I’ve painfully learnt) so the cooler you can be, the better
  • Finally, trust your instincts with salons. If it doesn’t feel/look right it probably isn’t!
I hope you found that a little helpful if you are unsure whether to try hot wax – if you’re looking for UK based recommendations I am more than happy to help. Would love to hear of any experiences/ tips and techniques that make for a more pleasurable experience!
Thanks for reading!

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