Elemis Biotic Mini Facial

So this evening I headed to the Elemis counter at John Lewis where I was treated to a lovely mini facial using products from the Biotec range. The brand have been really trying to promote this range, as the therapist told me that not a lot of people firstly understand what it is, and secondly how it actually works. So, they’ve been offering a host of these treatments to allow customers to experience the products and thus go on to spread the word! And here I am doing exactly that…

I was firstly sat down and then dressed as a hospital patient (see dashing image below). I was aware of the busy shoppers around me but actually, as soon as I closed my eyes and my lovely therapist started to take my makeup off I did not care one bit! I even found the sound of the man outside playing drums rather therapeutic.

She firstly started by cleansing my face of make up and she then used the biotec skin energising cleanser facial which you’re supposed to use on freshly cleaned skin. You basically apply on dry skin and then wash off using water (it reminded me of the Liz Earle cleanse and polish). This has a trio of acids sat in an electrolyte solution which means the product works really deep to help remove oil and impurities by resurfacing the skin. She then used the papaya enzyme facial scrub which is one of my absolute favourite products! If you’re looking for a gentle exfoliator this is AMAZING. Next, came my favourite part: the sheet mask. It was oh so cooling and has really left my skin feeling super soft and hydrated, plus it smells gorgeous! I’m sat on the tube writing this and rather than getting the usual odour of sweat or McDonald’s a delightful orchid sense is filling my senses. This was left on for around five minutes during which, I had a lovely hand and arm massage. After taking off the mask the residue was massaged in. I finally had the Biotic skin energising night cream applied, which is a mixture of two consistencies, and then I was ready to face the world!

Would I buy these products myself? Absolutely, I love Elemis products for the science behind them as well as being long lasting! But at £38 for the cleanser and £85 for the night cream, these products are something that will be going on my Christmas list.
As a brand, Elemis is also great to invest in. The therapists are so knowledgable and being offered the opportunity for a free facial is reflective of their customer loyalty. If I could, I would buy a lot of my skincare from there! So it was a pretty good introduction to the Biotec range. The products felt amazing against my skin, and I came home feeling refreshed which is a novelty after being on the tube! If you’ve tried any of the products before I’d love to hear what you think!

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