My Lush Trip – Literally! 


After reading great review after great review of Lush products, I somehow found myself in there the other night. I have bought from Lush before, but the fantastic feedback I’d been reading made me realise that I needed to take a long overdue trip asap! I work near to Oxford Circus, so I took a stroll to the one on Oxford Street, which, if you haven’t been is amazing!


The store itself is huge, with a whole section upstairs dedicated just to bath bombs – I was instantly sold! The staff in there were so lovely, and offered me help in a non-intrusive way which is very refreshing! As well as that the shop itself was so inviting, where I probably spent a good half hour just wondering around and smelling all of the delicious products.


How cute are these!

I set myself a budget of £10, which I went over by £1.85 oops!! But I couldn’t resist the gorgeous bath bombs I bought….


The first one i picked up was the intergalactic bath bomb. The sales assistant was dissolving it in the display sink, and it was actually the smell that drew me in first! It has such a lovely cooling menthol fragrance, which if you’re like me and love mint, you’ll love this! She also mentioned how the ingredients help those who suffer with headaches and muscle tension. So I was sold! I used this the same night I bought it, and I was not disappointed! First, I loved watching the water turn all shades of blue. There was also a lovely subtle glitter within the bath bomb, which left such a pretty effect on my skin. I was thinking this would be perfect for before a night out when you want to give your skin a glow! Also, I loved breathing in the menthol fragrance as I lay and relaxed in the lovely warm water. It was very soothing, and I could really feel the scent going into my lungs (in a good way – like olbas oil!).


The second I picked up was the Rose Bombshell, and the third the Tisty Toasty bath bomb.
I haven’t tried either of these two bath bombs yet, but I’m sure they won’t disappoint! My room smells amazing just from leaving them in there, so I can only imagine what the bath itself will be like! Keep a look out for my reviews of these coming soon 🙂

Thanks for reading! If you have any Lush bath bomb recommendations, I’d love to hear them!

Product Review: Lush Santa Lip Scrub

My lips have been really suffering recently due to cold mornings, heating and air con (why my office uses air con at this time of year I don’t know), as well as generally feeling run down. Not only were they feeling really dry, but they were unsightly and embarrassing, especially during meetings.

So, one evening after work I headed to Lush adamant that I wasn’t leaving without some miracle cure. To my relief I came across this amazing lip scrub which has significantly increased the feel and appearance of my lips.

I instantly fell in love firstly because this scrub is called ‘Santa’, clearly making it part of their Christmas range. It has this gorgeous smell that sings of Christmas, with aromas of cherries and dates Jumping out at you as you use it. It actually also smells a little like coca cola, which surprisingly is nice!

To use I literally take a finger tip full and gently apply in circular motions, focusing especially on those areas that need extra attention. I tend to do this for a few minutes before rinsing off with water. The shop assistant also told me it’s fine to lick off, which I haven’t done yet; but given how amazing it smells I can guarantee it tastes pretty delicious too.

It only took a day for me to notice a difference in the softness of my lips, so I can definitely recommend this for instant results. What’s great about this product is that it really isn’t harsh on your skin, as it almost dissolves when you use it. My only issue with this is that is leaves a faint red tinge behind. I’m not sure if that’s to do with the colour of the product, or that it had just given my skin an exfoliation. It did fade pretty quickly, but just to be safe I apply either before bed, or an hour or so before I know I have to go out.

I won’t be using this product everyday, but I definitely think a scrub once a week will be so beneficial in maintaining the condition by buffing away any dead skin.


I love to then follow this scrub with this lip balm by Kiehl’s. This product is so nourishing and really absorbs into your lips for when you need an intense treatment. Kiehl’s are great for giving out tester samples, so if you’re dubious about investing see if your local shop offers a sample size of this product!

I’m always looking for new ways to look after my lips during the winter, so would love to hear if you have any other suggestions!


Shimmering Down The Catwalk 

  London was awash recently with beautifully long legged creatures and a selection of clothes to rival even Alexa Chung’s wardrobe.

One of my favourite shows was the Mermaid- inspired Sophia Webster show, where the make up look created was the most gorgeous glow, designed to mimic the reflective qualities of the water. The models were dressed to look like mermaids, and they absolutely did. Skin looked beautifully soft as it shimmered in the light, accompanied by soft eyeshadows and lipsticks. Stunning pastel colours were just one of the main attractions, with the footwear being of course the main spectacle of the showcase.

Some of my favourites shots from the show…


Make up artists from Benefit created the look which I found so exciting. I love Benefit make up, and to see products in my make up bag feature so heavily in a show was amazing! It’s great to be able to recreate catwalk inspired looks, without having to take out a mortgage! It’s a shame you don’t develop the modelesque legs at the same time…

The mermaid inspired look is a really simple one to copy, just as long as you have a good highlighter to hand. The one used for the Sophia Webster show was this Benefit High Beam (see below), which I use religiously; however, achieving the same effect doesn’t have to be pricey – it’s just finding something that gives your skin a beautiful glow. (In fact drinking a lot of water can help heaps in this!)

This is definitely a trend I’ll be jumping onto the bandwagon of, as glowing skin will always win over the dull days that define winter!

Have you guys given this look a try yet?


Review: Limited Edition Tahiti Nars Bronzer in Laguna


When a make up artist on the Nars counter recommended me this Limited Edition Tahiti Bronzer and mini Ika brush for an amazing price of £39 I really couldn’t say no! I was dubious at first as to whether I had been conned, but I am so pleased with my purchase! The original bronzer alone usually costs £27.50, and the full-sized Ika brush costs £43, so you’re saving an amazing £31.50.


First, as you can see above, you get 2g more product than the original bronzer (a winning situation all around!). This doesn’t sound a lot, but it really will make a difference, especially as it lasts so long. I originally purchased my old bronzer over two years ago, so it really is worth investing in. Even better, having that extra bit of product in the new palette means I’ll be saved another splurge for even longer!

I love the colour of this bronzer, as gives a gorgeous glow without being too overpowering. I originally saw this bronzer being used by the amazing beauty blogger Tanya Burr, and I am so glad I followed her advice. I like to lightly dust a covering all over my face to give a lovely healthy glow. With the handy contouring brush, I also make an effort to subtly define my cheekbones. It really is a great product for extenuating natural beauty by enhancing the look of a natural tan!


The mini Ika contour brush is amazingly soft, and makes it so easy to create delicately defined cheekbones. The loose hair bristles pick up less product than a denser brush, so distributes the product onto your skin really evenly, giving a lovely coverage. As well as this, there’s a really useful mirror in the compact, which makes it perfect for popping in your bag for touch ups throughout the day.

My only issue with this bronzer is that the packaging is much bigger than my old bronzer. I do love that the contour brush sits nicely inside, but as one of the larger items in my make up bag now, it takes up a lot more room!


(Quite a big difference in size!!)

If you haven’t tried this bronzer before, I would really recommend going to a Nars counter to test it out, you definitely won’t regret it!

Get The Glow


I arrived home to this fantastic book the other day, which I am so excited to try out! My skin has been looking quite dull and I’ve been feeling generally run down recently; so, in an effort to cleanse from the inside out I’ve decided to try the recipes in Madeleine Shaw’s Get The Glow.

My skin definitely reacts to hormonal changes, and although I haven’t been tested I think I’m slightly intolerant to dairy. I’ve cut down majorly on dairy products, and try to eat a variety of healthy, nourishing meals. But often, I’m either too lazy or don’t have the right ingredients to make a good meal! As well as this I have zero will power, so if I see a bar of chocolate, I will eat it. So, in the hope that this book will give me some motivation to kick start my healthy eating, by following the quick and easy recipes, I hope I can really ‘get the glow’.

Cauliflower-base pizzas. Delicious!

I made her prawn courgetti before I purchased the book which was delicious and so easy to make (This convinced me to buy the book). I genuinely felt great, as essentially I’d just eaten a bowl of vegetables and prawns. With the help of some chilli, garlic and lime juice the flavours were amazing!

This is a recipe I can’t wait to try!

There’s a six week programme included at the beginning of the book which is so useful not only for informing you about the benefits of certain food groups, but Madeleine also has sections giving life advice which is a lovely touch!

I will keep you all updated on my progress with these recipes. I can’t say I will implement a lifestyle change, but I definitely want to try and inject more care into my diet. As I’m sat writing this eating my second Krispy Kreme (I’m an addict and need help) perhaps it’s time to make a couple of changes!

Would love to hear of anyone’s experiences with this book!

A Glory’us Scrub – Soap & Glory Flake Away

I love body scrubs, and if there’s one product I don’t travel without it’s this one from Soap & Glory!

For me, it’s one of those products that over the years I have continuously come back to. I’m one of those people that always searches for something better, and, like my perfume, I thought there must be something more effective out there. But for me there really isn’t! The texture is fantastic, as is the smell, and I love the fun packaging that all of their products come in! This body polish contains Shea butter, sweet almond oil, peach seed powder, sea salt and sugar. No wonder it smells so good!

I first began using this when I was a teenager to try and rid the spots on my back caused by factors such as hormones/product build up. Using this in the shower not only helped to diminish these unsightly spots and scars, but also left my skin feeling so, so soft! If you can bear it after using the scrub, turn your shower to freezing and stand under for a few seconds. This is fantastic for closing up your pores to prevent any unwanted product seeping in, and, leaves your skin feeling even more amazingly smooth. It also gives your hair a great shine!

The tub lasts me for a good couple of months, which is great, as I tend to use it every other day! If you’re using the scrub just to target dry skin, I’d recommend using only once or twice a week. However, if your worry is spots building up on your back or other areas of your body, there is no harm in using the product almost every day for a couple of weeks until they settle down! As long as you apply in gentle circular motions rather than vigorously, your skin should be fine. On the odd day though I think it’s good to give your skin a break and let it heal itself – it’s amazing how with a little bit of help it’ll do wonders!

They even stock this in a handy travel size, which I have ready for my trip this weekend. I would love if Soap & Glory developed the equivalent in a facial scrub, the effects would be Glory’us!

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend everyone!