Showing Off My Summer Toes


So you may have seen my post recently about this amazingly bright Revlon nail varnish that I am slightly obsessed with…. I won’t ramble on about how much I love it AGAIN, but you can take a read of my post here


I went sale shopping recently, and found the perfect sandals to accompany my bright toes! These beauties are the Iris Snake Skin Sandals from Kurt Geiger and not only are they super comfortable, but are now £49 compared to their original price of £85! The neutral colour scheme is great because I can throw them on, knowing they’ll go with anything! I also love that the snakeskin/zebra type pattern gives them a different twist!

These will definitely be first in my case for my summer holiday!

The One Product You Need For Your Nails – Sally Hansen Advanced Hard As Nails


If you regularly follow my posts, I’m sure you will recognise this product. I haven’t actually posted specifically about how great this strengthening nail varnish is so I thought I would!

I can’t remember the first time I used this product, which is a testament to how much I love it, as it’s been a staple item in my beauty cupboard for years and years. I always use this as a base coat under colour, and generally use it as a top coat to give my nails extra strength. As a treatment, it’s also fantastic and has really helped to strengthen my weak, splitting nails. I apply one coat every other day for around a week, and then remove and repeat. I definitely don’t do this as much as I should, but even every so often makes a huge difference in the condition of my nails, and the appearance of my hands!

Now for the technical ‘stuff’…

The nylon formula fortifies nails and helps prevent chipping, splitting and peeling; as well as the retinol and copper peptide formula which helps to hydrate parched nails. The omega 3 and soy formula also helps diminish the look of ridges!

At £4.75 a bottle you really can’t go wrong with this strengthening nail varnish!! There is a clear and natural colour available in this particular varnish. I use the natural shade, as I find it adds a pretty glaze to my nails when I’m not wearing anything else! Would love to hear of any other treatments you’ve tried.


Thank you for 100 followers: Nails Inc Nail Polish Giveaway!!


I am so grateful to all you lovely people who have started following my blog! I haven’t been blogging for long, so it’s great that there’s a small community of you out there supporting me! Since planning this post when I first reached 100, I’ve now gone up to 121 which is even more amazing!!

As a huge thank you I’ve decided to do a small giveaway. If you follow my posts regularly, you will realise how much I love nail polish. So, I thought it was only right to do a nail varnish giveaway!


This is a polish from the Nails Inc Nailkale polish range, which is the first superfood nail range made with kale extract to give you stronger, smoother and healthier nails; and, is worth £14. The colour I have chosen is called ‘Regents Park’, and is a fab colour for summer!

To enter just follow these simple steps:

1. Follow my blog if you aren’t already.

2. Like and repost this post.

This competition is open internationally, and closes on Friday 3rd July at 11:59pm GMT. A winner will then be picked at random and told the following day.

Good luck, and thanks again 🙂


Cheat Your Way To Perfect Nails! 


If there’s one thing I’ve always struggled with it’s maintaining strong nails. But, what I discovered a few years ago is the importance of maintaining good cuticle health to ensure your nails are as happy as can be!

I was recommended this Jessica Phenomen Oil for my cuticles by a beauty therapist, and it is the most amazing thing!! She told me that if I use one thing on my nails, make it this, as it’s so strengthening.

It firstly smells absolutely divine (I wish I there was a smell cam). And even better, this little pot goes such a long way!! I’ve had this for a good year now and it still looks untouched. I was told to use a small amount of this everyday before bed, but it’s more like once or twice a week depending on when I remember! But, this still is a good amount for leaving your cuticles feeling nourished. I basically take the applicator and dab a small amount on each cuticle then gently rub in. I also use the Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment to make sure my hands also feel super moisturised. The combination of the two products tricks my hands into thinking they’ve spent a day at a spa!


A great alternative to this oil that I’ve found is this Vaseline intensive care cream, which is a two in one targeted hand and nail cream. It’s not as effective as using the oil alongside a hand cream, but if you use this daily it will definitely make a difference!

My final tip for helping your nails to be as strong as can be it to use a strengthening nail polish. I use this Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Nail Polish either alone, or as a base coat if I’m painting my nails. If you want this to act as a targeted treatment then build up layers every other day. I don’t have the patience to do this often, but when I do I can really see the results!  Would love to hear if of any other cuticle targeted products!


My Summer Nail Colour

Happy Friday everyone!! This week has been a fairly crazy for me, so I’m extremely glad it’s the weekend! I’m still pretty busy over the next couple of days, but I can’t wait to spend a few extra hours with my best friend (my bed). Tonight I’m having a nice chilled evening in, so have painted my nails in preparation for my night out tomorrow. I bought this gorgeous Revlon coral colour called One Perfect Coral the other day, and I absolutely LOVE it!!

It’s a very bright colour, but what better way to try and brighten up this horrible weather we’ve got here in the UK?! I also painted my toes in the same colour, so I can’t wait for some warm weather to come our way so I can show them off. This definitely will be my go to colour this summer, as once again Revlon have won me over!



I also needed a new top coat, so went for this fantastic Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat. I cannot sing the praises of this top coat enough even having only used it once!! My nails definitely have similar effects to that of gel nails, as they look so glossy and are super smooth. Also they dried within around ten minutes which is amazing, and will save so much time in the future!


Neutral Nails


I was having a sort through my nail varnishes this weekend, and found a few older colours I haven’t worn for sometime. As I said in a recent post, once I’ve found a colour I like, I tend to stick to it and forget about the others. So, I’ve decided to show those feeling neglected a little love!

The colour I went with has gone slightly gloopy (as it hasn’t seen the light of day for a while), so it was a bit of a challenge painting my nails smoothly. But, by mixing it with a little bit of nail varnish remover, I managed to achieve a somewhat smooth finish!


I’ve chosen this neutral tone called Elegant, as I can’t have anything too bold with work, but actually it’s a great colour as it goes with everything!  I love Revlon nail varnishes too, as they’re long lasting, good quality, have a great range of colours and are a purse friendly price at around £6 (I bought mine a while ago, so can’t remember exactly!)

I think I’ll be taking a trip to Boots again soon to replenish my stock!


A Red For All Occasions


This Seed nail varnish is one of my favourite nail colours at the moment! I’m always quite boring when it comes to my nails, as I tend to find a colour and stick to it. So, at the moment this is my go to colour, which I love as it’s such a classic red. I’m going away over the bank holiday weekend, so have painted my fingers and toes in the same colour as I think it’ll look great on the beach!


I’ve also used Sally Hansen Hard As Nails for both my base coat and then as a top coat, just to give my nails some extra strength. It also gives a great shine!

This varnish is from my trip to Australia earlier this year (surprise surprise), so I’ll be sad when it runs out!I found it in a clothing store called Seed which was AMAZING and reminded me of somewhere like Whistles. I remember there being other colours to choose from, so I’m kicking myself for not stocking up! I don’t think the store ship out to the UK, although if anyone knows differently please let me know!!

Until then, I will be on a hunt for a similar colour in the UK!