DIY: Squeezing a Spot

Hello you lovely lot! I feel like this is quite a simple post but we are all definitely guilty of attacking our faces, so the better we can look after ourselves when doing it, the better our skin will look in turn!
So yes, this is a DIY on how to ‘properly’ squeeze a spot. I use the term properly loosely because I have no professional knowledge in this (if there can be such a thing), but after years of suffering with unpleasant and unsightly blemishes I’d like to think I have somewhat mastered the art. 
1. Wash your hands. 

This is so important, but actually can often completely forgotten about. If you really think back to every surface your hands have touched today (EW), there definitely will be a build up of bacteria. And if you’re trying to rid your face of bacteria, why would you touch it with even more! 
2. Clean the area around the blemish. Generally I will only squeeze a spot in the evening when my skin has plenty of time to heal itself (and so that I don’t have to walk around all day with a red face). I’ll make sure to properly cleanse my skin first to ensure there are no impurities lurking that could congest the healing. 
3. Rip a tissue in half. 

I wrap both halves around each of my index fingers so that the tips are completely covered, and then I squeeze the spot. 
4. Stop if you see blood. 

You should never squeeze a spot to the point that it bleeds, as this is what causes scarring. As tempting as it is to attack what feels like a mountainous growth on your face, it’s so important to wait until a white head appears. It’s taken me a while to realise the importance of this but do not try and squeeze a bump!! 
5. Once you have squeezed all of the dirt out I like to place a hot face cloth over my entire face to really help draw out any impurities.
6. Treatment.

I finally apply a spot targeted treatment, to really help speed up the healing process. I will usually apply this for a few days until the blemish has massively reduced in size and redness. 
Whilst like I said I’m not claiming to be a spot doctor, although what a great job…! I have had years and years and years of personal practice with this, so for me this is the most effective method to safely and effectively get rid of a spot. 
Would love to hear if you have any other top tips!


Laura Mercier Product Wars: Non vs. Oil-Free Tinted Moisturiser

Very annoyingly I picked up the wrong tinted moisturiser recently. In a panic as the sales assistant cornered me to ask what product I was looking for, I agreed to the oil free version of the tinted moisturiser, when actually I had no idea whether I used it or not.

Of course when I got home I realised I’d picked up the wrong thing; however, with my oily/combination skin type I thought this could be a blessing in disguise. My skin has been particularly oily/blemishy recently which is probably due to work stresses, as well as eating lots of chocolate to make myself feel better. So, I thought this actually could work really well for me!

Tinted Moisturiser (Oil-Free)

The Pros:

Obviously as it says on the tin, this product is designed specifically for oily skin, so aims to reduce the skin’s natural oiliness. My skin reacts so easily to new products, so I was terrified when I first used this. I have to say, after using for over a week my skin’s appearance does seem less oily, and the small hormonal blemishes I often get are better contained.

The Cons:

Compared to the non oil-free product this does feel a lot heavier on my skin. I stopped using foundation because I hated the feel of product sitting on my skin, which is what I feel I have with this. Being a tinted moisturiser, obviously it is not as heavy as normal foundation coverage, however I have definitely got used to the lightweight feel of the non oil-free product. Because of this though I’m really careful to only use a tiny amount as I still love a natural looking effect. Get those freckles out!

Tinted Moisturiser 


The Pros: 

Compared to the oil-free product, it is so lightweight. It does feel just like a moisturiser when I apply, with a really great smell. Because of this I feel like my skin has really improved (as it’s not being clogged up by too much product).

The Cons: 

By the afternoon my face has a definite glow (or increased oiliness). It’s definitely not enough to make me worry, or even bring powder to cover up. If it’s particularly noticeable I would simply take a tissue and blot my forehead.

What is interesting to bear in mind is that I now live in London. Sweaty tubes and the long walk to work definitely don’t help, when compared with working at home, arriving in an air conditioned car meant my skin was sweat-free…

Also, as I said before I am a little more stressed at work, so I think that is definitely a factor in my skin’s unsettled nature at the moment (I think I need another holiday!).
I haven’t noticed a massive difference between the two products, so I think it really is down to personal preference!

Right now I think I prefer the normal tinted moisturiser as I’ve been using it for longer; however, I definitely think having the two products will be useful for when my skin decides to play up! I can completely see the oil-free being a great winter product for when I want a little more coverage, and my skin hasn’t had much exposure to the sun to help clear any unwanted spots!

Would love to hear if you guys have either product.


Review: Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Scrub

I’m sorry for those of you out there who love this product, but I can’t say I do! I bought this in the hope that it would act as a gentle cleanser on my skin to help relive any clogged up pores. But unfortunately, I haven’t got the results I envisioned!

There are a couple of positives that I’ll share with you, but honestly I feel like my spots have worsened in the two days since I started using this product. I realise that a couple of days isn’t that long to trial a product; but, if you have easily reactive skin like mine, you’ll understand that sometimes persistence isn’t the best option!

What it says on the tin….

It’s designed for everyday use as the powerful MicroClear technology and exfoliating micro-beads unclog pores to clean deeply and help eliminate spots and blackheads. The refreshing scrub gently purifies the skin without over drying, while a wave of pink grapefruit uplifts the senses with a burst of invigorating freshness.

The Positives: 

– It smells beautiful. The grapefruit in this product gives it such a lovely fresh smell that made the mornings more bearable.

– The price tag is very reasonable! Although it’s frustrating to spend money on something you’re unlikely to use again, at £4.99 I’m not overly bothered.

– It’s pink!! I know this may sound like an odd reason to like something, but it’s so rare to see a pink beauty product.

The Negatives: 

– I immediately developed tiny spots on my nose, as well as increased oiliness on my T-zone. My skin seems to have reacted with this product, and I can really notice. Not only have I developed more spots, but there is a significant increase in oiliness. As a result I’ve began wearing more make up to try and cover up, which isn’t great in this muggy weather.

– The texture doesn’t feel nice. I prefer exfoliators that have a soothing creamy texture to them, with the individual beads easily distinguished. This wash on the other hand has the same fine consistency, which feels grainy, and actually similar to rubbing fine sand grains against my face.

I’ve heard stories of how good others have found this product, so I’d be really interested to hear anyone else’s thoughts! Unfortunately for my oily/sensitive/combination skin this was not a winner!


Midnight Robbery


I’ve been at my boyfriend’s this weekend, and have discovered some great products in his bathroom cupboard. Who knows where they came from, and I’d really rather not know!

One of them was this Blue Herbal Gel Cleanser face wash by Kiehls. It’s designed specifically for acne-prone skin and acts to clean pores by removing the impurities which cause acne.

It feels like a runny gel when you apply it, so I wasn’t convinced at first of how well it would cleanse my face. But, I was pleasantly surprised. It foams really nicely, and my face felt literally squeaky-clean. It also effectively removed all of my make up. My only issue with using this long-term, would be that I could see it would really dry my skin out as the next morning certain areas of my skin felt very dry. This was on areas that I had spots however, so I guess it really targeted those areas that needed help by drying them out.

I’d love to hear if anyone else has tried this product, and their experience with it? I’m tempted to steal this one and use it full time, but am worried how my skin will react! Maybe it’s a useful product to have on backup to help tackle breakouts. If I do use this, I’ll let you know how my skin takes to it!

My Sun Cream Saviour – sk:n Repair & Protect


As a teenager riddled with spots and extremely oily skin, I dreaded summer holidays where I would have to slather sun cream on my face. Any product that I used seemed to sit on top of my skin and clog it up even more. Being extremely self-conscious I used to wear make up in the day on holiday, as I felt like all anyone could concentrate on were my spots. This combined with sun cream did me no favours whatsoever, and actually, made my skin a whole lot worse! I would have so much rather burnt to a crisp than add to the oiliness of my skin!

With age came the confidence to relieve my skin of make up during the day, and the realisation that covering up with sun cream is far more important!! I still however struggled to find a product that agreed with my skin until I went to a sk:n dermatologist for specialist treatment called Isolaz.

As part of the treatment I was instructed to use the products they have developed, which are fantastic for spot prone skin! The face sun cream included in the pack is the best I have used to date! It’s nourishing, moisturising and most importantly is super light and doesn’t give me spots!! It’s 100% mineral, that is chemical free, paraben free and water resistant, which is perfect for days by the pool, or on the beach. When I apply this I rarely also use moisturiser, as it’s fantastic alone. As well as this the smell is divine. I really can’t sing its praises enough!!

I use factor 50, as it’s so important to protect your skin from harsh UV rays as well as burning. Plus, I would rather have paler skin now than wrinkly skin when I’m older! As it’s dermatologically tested this product is suitable for any skin type so I would recommend to anyone looking to invest in a reliable skin care brand. sk:n products used to be stocked in Boots, but I believe they’re now only available in sk:n stores and online. It really is a great product to add to your summer beauty list, so go go go!

I was in Dubai over the bank holiday weekend in 40-degree heat, and have come away burn free thanks to this sun cream! I’ve included a few of my holiday snaps for you to take a peak at…






I would love to hear if anyone else is using this product, and their thoughts on it!

A Glory’us Scrub – Soap & Glory Flake Away

I love body scrubs, and if there’s one product I don’t travel without it’s this one from Soap & Glory!

For me, it’s one of those products that over the years I have continuously come back to. I’m one of those people that always searches for something better, and, like my perfume, I thought there must be something more effective out there. But for me there really isn’t! The texture is fantastic, as is the smell, and I love the fun packaging that all of their products come in! This body polish contains Shea butter, sweet almond oil, peach seed powder, sea salt and sugar. No wonder it smells so good!

I first began using this when I was a teenager to try and rid the spots on my back caused by factors such as hormones/product build up. Using this in the shower not only helped to diminish these unsightly spots and scars, but also left my skin feeling so, so soft! If you can bear it after using the scrub, turn your shower to freezing and stand under for a few seconds. This is fantastic for closing up your pores to prevent any unwanted product seeping in, and, leaves your skin feeling even more amazingly smooth. It also gives your hair a great shine!

The tub lasts me for a good couple of months, which is great, as I tend to use it every other day! If you’re using the scrub just to target dry skin, I’d recommend using only once or twice a week. However, if your worry is spots building up on your back or other areas of your body, there is no harm in using the product almost every day for a couple of weeks until they settle down! As long as you apply in gentle circular motions rather than vigorously, your skin should be fine. On the odd day though I think it’s good to give your skin a break and let it heal itself – it’s amazing how with a little bit of help it’ll do wonders!

They even stock this in a handy travel size, which I have ready for my trip this weekend. I would love if Soap & Glory developed the equivalent in a facial scrub, the effects would be Glory’us!

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend everyone!